For Makeup Enthusiasts: It’s all about Color, Individuality and Self-Expression.
For Makeup Professionals: It’s all about Fashion and Trend-setting.
For Us: It’s about creating a brand with fabulous colors, revolutionary textures, exclusive formulas and application systems, to help all explore, create and unveil their true inner artist.


For more than 30 years we have been at the forefront of Cosmetics Manufacturing and trade.
In 2011 the Color Studio Professional brand was born as a high performance make up brand for makeup enthusiasts by its founders who have multi-generational experience in color cosmetics. We developed in a niche market, catering to the dynamic needs of makeup professionals around the world.
In 2014 Color Studio established developed its research centers and manufacturing partners in Europe & South East Asia. The founders developed its product line by working closely with makeup artists and salons around the world and experimenting with color pay off on different skin tones and climates. After years of research into multiple demographics and product development, Color Studio Professional launched its high performance make up line into various markets around the world through online stores, selective retailing and pop up stores in South East Asia.
In 2016 – 2017 Color Studio setup its global headquarters for international expansion in London, United Kingdom in the district of Covent Garden and established its own manufacturing facilities in Europe and partnered with Slovenia’s leading training academy to introduce color studio professional into the Slovenian Professional make up segment.
2018 is the year for Color Studio Professional to introduce its highly research professional product line of beauty products to make up enthusiasts worldwide. In March 2018 Color Studio is launching www.colorstudiopro.com which will ship to more than 80 countries worldwide directly from Europe and listing its products on major international e retailers.