Color Studio is a Women Led Independent Beauty Company with a rich heritage in the manufacturing and designing of Makeup and Skin Care products. The founders have multi generational experience in the cosmetics sector and created the brand in 2011 by showcasing their makeup line designed for South East Asian skin in Canada, UK and Pakistan through events and salons.

The company set up its headquarters in Karachi and London for Designing, R&D and manufacturing of its formulations with research and manufacturing partners in Italy and France. In the next decade COLOR STUDIO grew from a small salon and online brand to Pakistan's fastest growing Cosmetic and Beauty brand with presence in UK, Europe and Pakistan. 

From 2020 the company expanded its manufacturing capabilities in Pakistan and its research and development capabilities in UK to introduce new formulations and expanded its retail coverage across all major cities of Pakistan. Today Color Studio Professional Cosmetics & Skin Care is one of the most prestigious brands in Pakistan providing customers access to high quality products at affordable prices.

Today Color Studio aims to provide its customers access to premium quality, highly functional and affordable cosmetics and skincare products across Pakistan, Middle East, UK and USA online. Our products are designed for Makeup Artists & Makeup Addicts and we are proud to employ 70% women in our company being a Women Led Company.

We aim to take our brand global and be the go to Beauty brand for women of Color with our extensive range of foundations, lipsticks, nail colors & more.